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Minimum outer layer trace width/space 2.5mil
Minimum inner layer trace width/space 2.5mil
Minimum betwween SMD pad to be covered S/M 4mil 4mil
Minimum drill size for through hole(mechanical) 5.9mil
Maximum Aspect Ratio 10:1
Maximum Layer Count 32
Maximum working PNL size 21"X26"
Minimum board overall thickness 2L 10mil
4L 15mil
6L 20mil
8L 28mil
10L 36mil
12L 44mil
14L 51mil
16L 55mil
Maximum board overall thickness 4-16L 250mil
Copper thickness

0.5-5 oz
Layer to layer registration tolerance 4mil
Solder mask registration tolerance 2mil
Minimum hole location tolerance 2mil
Minimum SMT test pitch 2.5mil
Minimum prepreg thickness 2mil
Impedance control 40-120ohm±10%
Diff. Impedance control 75-120ohm±10%

  • FR4
Nan Ya  
  • FR5

  • HASL
  • OSP
  • IMM Gold
  • IMM Silver
  • IMM Tin
  • Peelable Mask